Firewall – Hardware, Install, 6 months support and updates.


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Product Description

Is your payments compliance process held up by failed scans? Are you bamboozled by PCI Requirements? With even moderate compliance duties, administering an on premises firewall can be a headache. A managed firewall is the answer.

With Delegator Managed Firewall, an enterprise class FireWall, guaranteed to pass SYSNET and other security audit tools. Is available from as little as Eur999 for the first 6 months. This includes

  • Support for your PCI-DSS compliance process.
  • Hardware
  • Installation

Annual support contracts for firewall support from as little as 400 euro per annum.

Terms and Conditions

Modem and service connection details must be supplied by ISP
Firewall device administration access is limited to Delegator – no other access is allowed.
At the end of the contract period the Firewall device becomes the property of the customer, and no further updates or support will be provided.
The FIrewall shall be Mikrotik, the model of the firewall shall be at the discretion of Delegator
Should the customer wish to reactivate a subscription device with Delegator they must contact their account manager though the support page.
Delegator guarantee compliance for the scan only for services under their management. If you have existing Firewall rules that must be secured contact us for more information.


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