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'Loosely coupled' event payment system accepts multiline ledger payments as an input and every line item can be tagged with the appropriate General Ledger code, making reconciling in downstream accounts packages straightforward.

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Payments can go straight to your Stripe or Realex account. No Delays, no unnecessary intermediaries.

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Your customers will appreciate how straightforward the process is.

Managed Security

Cybersecurity is a process. From patches and updates through to incident response - we can help.

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delegator have integrated with a wide range of legacy and modern systems.

Packages and Bespoke WordPress Plugins, SAAS Integrations, Custom Plugins and custom development.



Make beautiful tickets in any image editor in minutes, to sell online. Make hidden, discounted tickets to maximise revenue. Export CRM detail on attendees and use this to improve online sales. Seamless integration with Google Analytics, makes reporting easy.


Control perimeter and session access with just smartphones and an Internet connection. Real time ticket status information available to agents. Just point and scan –no training necessary. Process a greater number of attendees in less time, with fewer agents.


Decide ticket types and prices (including 'free'). Add sessions. Assign sessions to ticket types with a single click. Need to arrange accommodation? No problem–we integrate with BookServe reservations. Set up an event and start selling tickets in less than one hour.


Take payment by any means. Reduce commissions. Attendees can only register when they're marked paid. PDF invoices. No need to surface mail. Easy CSV export of payment status for input to Sage. Secure 3D with Realex. Can't take cards? No problem: Stripe and Braintree deposit straight to your bank account


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We promise to make your payment process run more smoothly and we guarantee you will pay less than using competing services like EventBrite. Arrange a callback to learn how some of Ireland's oldest and most respected business use Delegator to handle event payments.

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SLA customers have access to expert support. Enterprise level support for mission critical systems from €699 a month.

Our extensive P&L analysis gives us a unique insight and ability to plan projects.

With more customer issues dealt with in one call than any other IT provider, your business will run more smoothly and be more profitable.

We never retain or use any personal information and advertising is not a part of our revenue or service model.

With the increasing incidence of ransomware attacks and other hacker activities. PCI compliance is a necessary headache. Don’t assume your software suppliers will take responsibility for your overall network security. With qualified staff on hand we can help you achieve compliance on servers and firewalls.

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